A performance by Koreja


Design and creation by Alessandro Serra
With Francesco Cortese, Riccardo Lanzarone, Maria Rosaria Ponzetta,
Emanuela Pisicchio, Giuseppe Semeraro
Direction, scenes, costumes and lights Alessandro Serra
Scenes realization Mario Daniele
Scene movements collaboration Chiara Michelini
Thanks to Anna Chiara Ingrosso
Technicians Mario Daniele, Alessandro Cardinale
Organization and tourne Laura Scorrano, Georgia Tramacere

FRAME is a new step in our path of "doing" theater culture. FRAME has the will to interpret and question the artistic maturation of the company by putting in place our artistic project at the service of new looks and new directions. I'm sure it's a way to give the right continuity to a story that began more than thirty years ago.
               Salvatore Tramacere, Art Director of Koreja Theater


With soft heart, with soft hands, take life or leave it.
                                                             H. V. Hofmannsthal

FRAME is inspired by Edward Hopper's pictorial universe. Every his painting has been considered as a short tale fragment where extrapolate figures, situations and words from. A figurative/visual short novella, without a plot or an end, as Checov would say, for a moment a semi-opened door on a unknown house and immediately closed again.
I'm not interested in Hopper's irrefutable pictorial qualities but rather in his ability to imprint his interior experience on paintings. To reproduce it on the stage. To show it, also only for a moment. In his paintings there aren't moral or psychological implications, he simply catches every day routine. Extraordinary paintings accomplished through the ordinary. The more usual the settings are (lived by simple figures) , the more the magic of the real is revealed. There's no time to describe, everything happens out of a sudden and in ward interior truth is shown.
There is an interior and external observer but with no voyeuristic aims or perversion. Chastity and prudery spring out when you are riconciliated, calm and warned by the sun. When the interior break has taken place inside us and everything flows with no regret , so that what remains of life can regularly flow. No sensational events. Simply a moment when everything changes, with no clamour. Figures always on the fringes: a window, a bar showcase, a theatre emergency exit, an half-closed curtain, a door, a train window. Looking for light. While life, outside, fixed, looms over. Streets are desolate, quiet oceans. And trees, lighted by sun, are cohorts and they create dark path. 

Alessandro Serra



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Next date:

30 aprile 2019

at 21:00

Forl, Teatro Diego Fabbri Spazi Exatr

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