February 2020

06 dic

Teatro Koreja /Teatro Metropol

Letra/la lettera

11 dic

Progetto Aida

Vista interno mare

13 dic

Associazione Teatro Giovani /Teatro Pirata

Bubù settete

Associazione Teatro Giovani /Teatro Pirata

Bubù settete

18 dic

Teatro Koreja

Per primo amore

19 dic

Teatro Koreja

Per primo amore

20 dic

Teatro Koreja

Per primo amore

23 dic

Beatrice Rana


27 dic

uno spettacolo di Koreja

Katër I Radës. Il Naufragio

immagine di copertina Foyer


The foyer of Cantieri Koreja represents a functional and cosy place which is open to the public and involved in the social fabric of the town; a comfortable space which puts  theatre in the middle of the community more and more often and makes it accessible to new generations. 

The foyer accomodates the audience in a 200 m2 space and disposes of a small theatre hall provided with 98 seats, which is used mostly for conferences, meetings and dance shows; ticket office, bar, and Book point for children.

Thanks to Art Bonus, the first corner in Italy for MOMENTO by Valentino Caffè was realized in the foyer of the theatre. A very important collabration beetween Koreja and Valentino Caffè:  a bet that comes from the sharing of real values and visions. MOMENTO is a space dedicated to culture, dialogue and meeting. A place designed for hospitality, that can promote dialogue, contaminations and interactions.

As Koreja, Valentino Caffè tries to unify enterprise with culture for a ethic mission too: giving value to people.