February 2020

20 lug

Stefano Massini

Alfabeto delle emozioni

21 lug

Concita De Gregorio e Erica Mou/Teatri di Bari

Un’ultima cosa

22 lug

Ermanna Montanari/Albe

Vergine madre, figlia del tuo figlio

23 lug

Masque teatro e a seguire Dewey Dell


Dewey Dell

Deriva traversa

Teatro Koreja

Paladini di Francia

24 lug

Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

The real you

Leo Bassi

70 Anni

25 lug

Parini Secondo + Parini Secondo / Bremo

Speeed +What will happen tomorrow

Ivo Dimchev

Top Faves

immagine di copertina Lodge


Imitating nomads: moving crowd

Artists and collaborators can live here and work at any time of the day or night:  this is the new lodge of Koreja. A place with international vocation. An innovative and smart structure made by eco-friendly wood, energically passive and recyclable with due regard to nature and anyone’s future.

A cosy place where architectural beauty meets modern functionality.

A construction site where Ideas sprout and become alive.