January 2020

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immagine di copertina Manifest of Koreja

Manifest of Koreja

Hardworking hands and weird thoughts / breathless hearts and strict eyes, hair blowing in the wind and ambitious dreams / To make a theatre, starting from man / To make a theatre of hands, thoughts, feet and words / of hearts, of eyes, of dreams: that’s how Koreja Theatre is made / Purity costs struggle, a continuous changing / Barefoot, plastered with soil and salt, marking a way every day / Imitating nomads, a moving mass / Embracing different tribes / Looking around the world like donkeys, sitting un-comfortably, starting again / Being a choir that echoes far away / listening to the past sound, inventing the future one / Looking for beauty, being beauty. Identity is beauty / Observing silently, patiently, spaces with no words / Sending borders to sleep, living the square and the wonder / Coming back. Leaving / Educating themselves to the useless / Being necessary / Stopping to look at the edge of the stage / On tiptoe, playing more / Enduring time and making themselves of clay / To make a theatre, with every grain.

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