February 2020

Non sono previsti spettacoli per il mese selezionato.


Uno spettacolo di Koreja

Plastic gardens

The show draws the sights, but sets your fantasy free. He who decides to be under enchant, should be prepared to set off and discover new magic worlds where colours, lights, sounds answer his wishes.
Worlds apart, each of them with its own wonders, where you can meet aliens, samurais, fairies, angels, where there is a room for memories, dreams and feelings. The scenes are of a great visual impact and strike even
those who are no longer babies, thanks to the originality of the sketches and to the evocative strength of some images. Tubes, clothes, hats, poor and recycled material that, thanks to the imaginative use of the lights, turns
into images, strange and funny visions, plastic scenes of a movement of fantasy. There is no plot but the invented one by the three actors at the moment, thanks to their transformations.
And the plastic? Koreja had fun to transform it by playing with the simple objects of everyday life; and challenges you to recognise them.
“[…] Oriental fascinations, South American rhythms and colours, amusing squabble – gags, the fairy of the birds with the two hunters that knock out each other, Eve with the apple and the snake that move on the notes of
a very agreeable tune. In this connection we want to underline the soundness of the musical choices, very accurate, particular and pleasant. And even a choice absolutely unpredictable: an entire song of Battiato that
talks about hard issues, politics, criminality. While the voice goes on telling, the actors on the stage draw soap bubbles of all sizes, that lights colour blue, or red, turning the surface in a sort of garland made up of stars”.
Luisa Guarino


with Giorgia Cocozza, Carlo Durante/ Maria Rosaria Ponzetta ,Anđelka Vulić
direction Salvatore Tramacere light technicians Mario Daniele staging collaboration Maria Rosaria Ponzetta