February 2020

25 mar

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Fontemaggiore Teatro


29 mar

Fontemaggiore Teatro



a performance by Koreja


Which are for teenagers the behavioural and cultural reference models to live their relationship with feelings?
How, in their routine, these models which are based on narcissism, egoism and sometimes violence, have an influence?
RagsOpera (OperaStracci) is a performance about feelings, an attempt to tell the natural relation with their own emotions and their own body which changes: theatrical frames that, with no words and with the help of the
most famous airs opera, perform the complicated travel of growth: the life.
On the stage, similar to a ring, a heap of rags, thanks to the actors, becomes voiles, balls, boxing gloves, stomachs, and even dolls/marionettes which feel strong emotions as tenderness, memory and loss elaboration.
The opera’s airs support atmospheres, emotions and even plays with the mysterious magic of a lyric voice that always captivate the listeners.
It needs 30 meters of rags to tailor one of the marionettes which springs from actors’ hands, in front of the
spectators. It takes one hour to attempt to tell the feelings of two teenagers and the mysterious of bonds, of affections.
From art history to melodrama, from dance to puppet theatre and to the ancient Japanese method of Bunraku, an evocative play which utilizes art languages and reverberates daily life, framing it in “another” context that,
in the distance, allows to deal with delicate themes as feelings, always more necessary for a digital generation.


an idea by Enzo Toma and Silvia Ricciardelli with Anđelka Vulić,Emanuela Pisicchio, Fabio Zullino directing, dramaturgy and costumes Enzo Toma scenography and lights Lucio Diana staging care Silvia Ricciardelli scene by Mario Daniele technical care Alessandro Cardinale scene seamstress Angela Chezzi organization and tournée Laura Scorrano, Georgia Tramacere