February 2020

Non sono previsti spettacoli per il mese selezionato.


a performance by Koreja

The fest suit

Four stories sewed verbally and live music

The wardrobe is like a treasure that hides secrets and life stories. An antechamber of our memory that lights up every time that we wear a particular suit that reminds us to our experience. So, the feast suit tells about secrets and memories of feast days. Four scenes, accompanied by music, that compose a score which goes from the sacrality of the ritual to its powerful popular expression: Green eyes, Dust in the buttons, Passementerie, The band’s uniform describe that particular and unique moment when a suit turns into a life. On the setting of the feast day, that place that is at the same time real and imaginary, someone’s part of life who has still a soul to dress for the occasion.

written by Giulia Maria Falzea
direction Salvatore Tramacere
with Riccardo Lanzarone
live music Giovanni Chirico / Giorgio Distante
costumes Lilian Indraccolo
special thanks to Porziana Catalano