September 2021

23 mag


26 mag

Piero Manni/Manni Editore

Millanta facce
racconti dal Salento



a performance by Teatro Koreja


the bread and the rest

“CUMPANAGGIU – the bread and the rest” is a sensory show that wants to represent a philosophy of life by staging its typical products, edible and not, starting with bread, the central character. Led by two aspiring bakers-actors, a celebrant of typical Salento products, a retired baker pedagogue and a simultaneous translator, the spectators are actively involved in a multisensory journey.The shapes that bread takes and the ingredients with which it is prepared reveal the fundamental characteristics of a land: the geology, orography, climate,history and anthropology of the population. Apulian bread is made of durum wheat, molded into large shapes. To get to know it, you have to touch and taste its flour, drink the water with which it is mixed, suck the salt that gives it flavor. Then the supporting actors, the accompaniment, the foods that define the geographical contours of a place, the influences it enjoyed, the amount of creativity that its inhabitants possess, enter the scene. Dried tomatoes in oil, lampascioni, scapece, african biscuits, and tarantata, that is, a woman bitten by a tarantula, are tasted and assisted by the spectators by a gastro-cultural mediator. The tasting follows the method of sensory tasting conducted with a metaphorical language that broadens the horizons of perception. The dialogue between the Apulian bread and its companion therefore takes place both in the mouth and in the mind of the spectators.

Salento and Puglia are also a journey, a landscape that from a postcard of atavistic beauty becomes the desolation of dead olive trees due to the Xylella virus, of a place, therefore, to be reinvented and revived, recreating with respect for the diversity of nature a new harmony.

The show can be enjoyed with headphones and the scenes are enriched by videomapping which from time to time recreates different rooms and environments. A path that moves from the theater towards tradition that becomes innovation.

Project promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Directorate General for the Promotion of the Country System, in collaboration with the Directorate General Entertainment of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism, as part of the project Vivere all’italiana sul palcoscenico.

written by Paolo Pagliani and Salvatore Tramacere directed by Salvatore Tramacere assistant director Andelka Vulic with Giorgia Cocozza, Carlo Durante, Maria Rosaria Ponzetta, Andelka Vulic with the extraordinary participation of Paolo Pagliani scenography, videomapping, footage, lights, costumes Luca Ruzza, Zeno Maria Ruzza translated by Andelka Vulic audio / lighting technician Mario Daniele  thanks to  Edoardo Winspeare for the concession of the images