Agosto 2020

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Per fare un teatro di mani, pensieri, piedi e parole, di cuori, di occhi e di sogni

Project “AIDA – Adriatic Identity through Development of Arts”

Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro

AIDA aims to demonstrate that it is possible to consider the entire program area (Ita Alb Mon) from a single point of view, highlighting the many points of contact that exist between the citizens and the communities of the different territories involved. AIDA will create an Adriatic Identity Model based on memory awareness of the communities. The model will be developed along two paths: a desk research (with scientific purpose) and a field research (for specific work focusing on art within the community). The project will create local community networks
in the cities of Lecce, Campobasso, Tirana and Ulcinj that will later be connected with the aim of creating a crossborder network of communities in the Adriatic area. The cities will be “pilot cities” with a perspective to develop and follow-up the project in other cities in order to cover the entire program area. In each city, artistic projects will be carried out that will actively involve the entire community and all stakeholders. These activities will focus on remembering the past of each community and city, through the use of storytelling and performing arts activities. The results from each city will be transformed into a single work of contemporary art: an original theatrical production that will involve artists from all areas. All activities will be closely connected to abandoned and forgotten places which represent the cities and citizens of today. The project will enhance these forgotten places in terms of tourism through specific cultural and environmental actions involving communities and stakeholders. The project will also improve the area by planting trees chosen by various communities; PEOPLE, PLACES AND TREES will be an innovative way of involving artists and the community and increasing audience and tourist development.

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