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REMOTE – places of uRban mEMOry for Tourism dEvelopment


REMOTE is a project that wants to pay the attention on the unused assets and dissonant heritage present in the program area for the implementation of new network between stakeholders and innovative strategies for tourism development. In the cities of the program area there are numerous examples of historical, cultural or environmental sites that today are unused or not enhanced. Moreover, the dissonant heritage represents the set of places with a negative historical value but which are still part of the cities. They are places with a high historical value that need to be re-thought and enhanced in a cultural way.

REMOTE wants to analyse the opportunity to export some best practises of site management in the low-Adriatic area, with a focus on one specific place in Albania: the Forced Labor Camp in Tepelene. The common challenge of the partners is to study and understand from both sides (Italia – Albania) which could be a recognizable and shareable method and approach to re-think the nature of the places/assets from different points of view: vision of community and place, alternative models of regeneration, production, distribution, exchange, consumption, use of financial resources. The expected result will be to create a network that could redefine the idea of the urban memory thanks to a direct connection with the lives of citizens.

The project will develop through specific actions: a seminar with experts of different area made in Tepelene (Albania) focus the attention on this site, and a B2B meeting at Cantieri Teatrali Koreja in Lecce, in which will be presented some territorial experiments of participated local development (community-led local development). These two actions aim to pursue clearly cross border approach because there will be a continuous exchange of information and a strong will to be connected.

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Credits | REMOTE – places of uRban mEMOry for Tourism dEvelopment

credits progetto REMOTE – places of uRban mEMOry for Tourism dEvelopment